About the Church of Our Saviour Dartmouth


We are people from every walk of life. All of us feel we have been called to this place to serve the Lord and to get to know Him more. We are all in it together and we celebrate our differences. At Our Saviour we are all God’s family and family includes children too; children are welcome! Maybe God is calling you here too?


At the Church of Our Saviour Dartmouth, we are a family of believers who dare to believe it is true. Jesus is alive and we can know Him! We are desperate to be real to this truth; in our lives, in our families, in our community. We believe that Jesus is perfect theology. We believe that He is God's only Son and the third person of the Trinity. He is the way to salvation. We believe that if we repent and open ourselves to His Lordship we can become "Alive Spiritually" as His Spirit fills us and gives us the power to live lives that honour Him. Once you meet Him you are never the same. We believe that our lives are not our own but now belong to Jesus. We are called to serve and love others in His name!

The History of Our Saviour

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